Reflecting back on 2020

The year 2020 was a year full of adapting, thinking outside the box and rearranging the way business operates.  We are very proud of our office staff who seamlessly transitioned to an at home environment while maintaining excellent performance for our clients. Although we have always had remote workers, before Covid, over 50 employees had worked in our physical office downtown Toledo.  While working in the office, when employees needed to communicate there was the opportunity to not only email and call, but to do in-person meetings and walk over to their desk.

When Covid began, we gave our in-office employees the option of working from home in mid-March and required special approval if they wanted to return.  We also instituted mandatory 10 day quarantine for those few in the office that traveled or were a part of large gatherings.

The face to face communication was gone. For many of our employees, this was the first time they  ever worked remotely. Our IT department though was ready, willing and able to jump at the opportunity to provide a smooth transition.  They did this by ensuring appropriate web capabilities were available at each home, installing equipment and making sure system security were in place.  Amazingly they did this all within a 4 day timeframe.

In 2020, Zoom became one of our best friends.

Employee engagement was really improved by more frequent telephone activity and online meetings. Our level of performance was not impacted with these changes. There were some different follow-up habits we instituted but easily adopted by everyone.

Looking forward into 2021, we have some substantial flexibility in place on the technology side where clients will see faster and more one touch results- but that is part of our secret sauce in the works.

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